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Your website doesn't lie...

Your website doesn't lie about how much non-dues revenue you are missing out on because you are not leveraging video strategically.

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Apr 28, 2017 6:35:09 AM

We are often asked when we are in a meeting with a new association prospect;

" How do you know we don't do a lot of video at our conferences?"

Your website doesn't lie.  One of the first things we do when a progressive association decides that they want to leverage the power of video is check out your website for existing video and more important; check out your conference sponsorship packages.

The quickest way that we can make a difference in generating non-dues revenue for an association is to increase your sponsorship opportunities by monetizing video.

US Money.png

 There are a number of new video avenues that we explore to build revenue.  Here are 3 that you should be thinking about;

1. Create a conference recap.   Why not provide your attendees with an opportunity to consume the conference by way of video recap?   Our experience suggests that well over 50% of your attendees will watch these.  This means more eyeballs for a sponsor, and therefore a great non-dues revenue opportunity

2. Live Stream your Educational Segments.  Association TV® makes it easy to create a pay-per-view opportunity for your conference educational segments.   Now non-attending members can benefit from conference education as well as potential members via pay per view.  What sponsor wouldn't want to pay for more eyeballs?

3. Create a Subscription Model for Your Education Sessions.  Many prospective members and sponsors may be interested in subscribing to an "expert" series that could be an edited version of each educational segment that would play daily, weekly or monthly after the conference.  Many sponsors would take advantage of this for their own staff to bring them up to speed on industry trends.

With all this extra non-dues revenue, you'll be able to fund videos that will make a difference to your member experience including advocacy, awards, and education.   

To learn more about generating sponsorship opportunity using video for your association, why not attend our FREE Sponsorship webinar on June 13.  Click on the button below to learn more

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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