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Your Success Will Be Based on Young Member Recruitment

To compete for new members, progressive associations are leading with tactics to develop content that engages millennials. Creating content that is mobile first is just one of the strategies that needs to be adopted for associations to remain relevant to this important membership segment.

Dan Stevens Posted by Dan Stevens on Mar 1, 2019 8:21:10 AM

Boomers are leaving the workforce an average of 1 every 8 seconds. That means they are leaving your association too. Your association will only survive by recruiting new members.  Here are some points that will help you to get your share of the millennial pie.

It's a different ball game now. The tactics that worked for member recruitment for the last 25 years are no longer relevant. Millennials don't really care about your legacy or loyalties.  They are not joiners.  They will always question your value and will think long and hard every year before they enter their credit card to renew their membership.  Here are 3 important points that you should adopt if you hope to be in a positive recruitment situation. 

What members Expect

1. Digital / Mobile First.   The vast majority of your members are most comfortable receiving information on their mobile device.  Everything you do for your content needs to be formatted to be "mobile first".  You will quickly alienate your younger members if they can't easily receive and consume content on their personal devices. 

2. Give First, Ask Second.  The Internet is about giving first.  Adopting a strategy of giving away free digital assets such as e-books and white  papers as well as inviting millennials to webinars is now a requirement rather than an option.  Expect to give assets away without any sign up to build trust. Expect that your content is so compelling that they will want to come back to access more content that involves giving you their email and contact information.

3. Multimedia Experience.  Video is now the expected medium for content delivery. Progressive associations are leading with video, and then producing additional content pieces such as podcasts, white papers, and social media posts from that original video. If you hope to compete for millennial membership. video is a must.  

Association TV® has been helping 100's of associations to develop a content strategy that  is engaging millennials and creating membership opportunities.  To learn how you can compete for millennial members click on the button below.

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Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV.  Dan Stevens is president of WorkerBee.TV and is a sought after guest speaker on association trends.  To book Dan at your next event, please contact John Heppenstall, director of marketing at john.heppenstall@WorkerBee.TV.




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