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Will Your Members Cut You or Keep You in the Next Downturn...

The pending economic downturn will be the acid test for an association's relevancy to it's membership. Are you doing everything you can to make your member's lives better? It's not enough to put on conferences and send out newsletters. You need a strategic and tactical plan to provide value.

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Feb 20, 2019 11:41:52 AM

We all know what happens in an economic downturn. People lose jobs, and those with jobs are likely to cut expenditures that are not absolutely necessary.  Where do you think your association's membership fits in?

 During the good times of full employment and economic prosperity, associations tend to do well.  Often companies will cover memberships and allow for conference attendance as a perk of employment. On the flip side, a downturn brings with it the harsh realities of the economic cycle, where less business means less discretionary spending.  Those association memberships and other perks are cut - then followed by the shedding of jobs.  How is your association positioned for these economics?

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How do you become so necessary  to your members that they would still stay members even if they lost their industry related jobs?

It's all about relevancy.

What your members want is an association that is a true solutions partner.  They want an association that provides meaningful industry and marketplace insights that make a difference at every level to the prosperity of members.  It's not about conferences and newsletters, it's about real strategic and tactical initiatives that will make the member's lives better. If you haven't started to peel back the onion on whether your association would be "hired" by your membership then the time to start is now. 

Find out how Association TV® has helped hundreds of associations to remain relevant to their memberships in good times and in bad.  If you haven't had a demo on Association TV®, now is the time to learn about the solution that will inspire and engage your members regardless of the economic cycle.

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