Why You Can't Compete Against Social AI

You've just posted another video on Facebook and YouTube.  You're hoping this is the one that your members start to share with their peers and it goes viral.... Be careful for what you wish for.

With the lack of attention that we are all dealing with in today's world of message overload, association marketers continue to post content on social platforms - hoping to attract members and potential members to their content. Marketers are hoping that a viewer will enjoy the content so much that they will want to share it with their peers.  Going viral was once thought to be a home run for a marketer, but now there is a sobering side effect that is beginning to alter the thought process about video views on social platforms. 

AI 2

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now part of the mainstream conversation for marketers.  Many association marketing leaders are beginning to dabble in AI for their email and content marketing. What exactly is AI?  The best definition that I have heard is to think of AI as a big spreadsheet with formulas that evolve with data.  The more data on the spreadsheet, the better the formulas get.

That's why social media platforms are having a heyday with AI.

Their ability to collect data from millions of views gives them a huge AI advantage in keeping your members engaged in content that is not necessarily in your association's best interest.  Don't fool yourself.  You can't compete. Nor do you want to.  Social media is in the game to gather data and have your members watch their content - not yours. 

It's time to take charge of your content strategy and use social media as a re-direction tool rather than as a content portal.  You need to keep your content on your own digital assets where you can control the viewing experience in your brand and on your terms.  

We have helped hundreds of associations to take control of their content production and distribution as well as given them the tools to leverage social media. Click here or on the button below to set up a demonstration of Association TV® and why it is the choice of associations to manage, produce and distribute content.

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