Why Sponsors Love Video

It's no secret that video has become the new text of the web.  It's also not a big secret that sponsors are looking for more bang for their buck.  Here's why video has become the darling of association sponsorship

Sponsors and associations realize that a video is a lot easier to consume than text.   Almost 90% of people are visual learners.  People spend 2 1/2 times more time on a web page that contains video.  

Sponsors are looking for measurable return on investment. It's hard to say how well that logo on the lanyard worked at the conference this year.  With video, you can measure opens, views and duration of stay.  

The numbers don't lie.

Video has many different sponsorship opportunities including advertising, pre and post roll, as well as in-video. 

Associations have many opportunities to produce video including conference live-stream, conference recaps, educational and expert series, and video as a member service.

It's no wonder our Association TV® clients are having such success selling video as a sponsor opportunity.

To learn more about how sponsorship revenue can be grown through the use of video, sign up for our FREE Webinar in June on the topic.

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV 

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