Why Are Associations Doing Video Anyway?

Why is video so important for your Association Marketing? Your members are focused on consuming content faster than ever before. Your members are looking for content that is easy and “fun” to consume. Now, this is possible thanks to the adoption of Smart Phones and other mobile platforms that give people connection and bandwidth 24/7.

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 The process to engage members has changed. Your members are bombarded with 1000’s of messages every day. Getting your Association content into the hands of members is a struggle. Getting them to engage with and consume that content is even harder.

The old methods of text based content are not getting it done anymore. When your members are ready to engage, they are looking for content that will not only educate, but will entertain them at the same time. If your content is not rich, relevant, educational, controversial and entertaining, it will quickly be lost in the sea of headlines that look more interesting.

How do you compete for your members’ attention in this new world of clutter?

The answer lies in video content marketing.

The last 5 years has proven that video is an effective tool to engage membership in all facets of your Association. The reason why video is so effective is that 90% of the information our brain processes is visual data, making most of your members, Visual Learners

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