What would you do with 50% more attendees to your conference?

The first thing that you would do is say this is probably a scam because we would never see that increase from our membership...

Maybe that's the key word here.   What if your attendees were not all members?  What if they were potential members that would never get on a plane to attend your conference, but would attend virtually?


That's what happens when you use video strategically for your Association.  We are in the middle of doing a live-stream for a client where they are charging a "member" fee to attend virtually, and then a "guest" fee for non-members.  The first day stats suggest that they had 1000 people attend in person, with another 500+ attending virtually.  My guess is that at least 250 of the 500 are potential members.

What would this do for your sponsorship opportunities?   If you could tell a sponsor that he or she was getting 50% more of an audience, that should command 50% more for sponsorship. Right?

All of a sudden, the cost of live streaming just became a profit center and a new member recruitment tool.  All this with the power of Association TV.

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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