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What does it take to make a great video?

Making Video is not as easy as it seems. Is it strategic? Is it accountable to views and actions around watching the video?

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Mar 1, 2017 6:14:39 AM

We all know that communicating by video is the next best thing to live communication with an individual.  Video is a one-to-one, in the moment, engaging medium that can move a person, communicate value, educate, teach and break down difficult to understand concepts.  It can help organizations differentiate, compete and create the movement we want….to click on a call-to-action and take that next step in the discovery or sales journey. 

But, only those who have tried, realize that it is not an easy process. 

Frustrated with Video.jpg

Creating a video, that meets an objective (a conversion, registration, lead or sale), requires the organization of many skill types and technologies, all working together to ensure that your video(s):

  • Are found by your target market
  • Are easy to consume and understand
  • Truly solves a problem
  • Are entertaining enough to keep me watching the entire story
  • Has logical calls to action immediately available while watching to make it easy for the viewer to continue the discovery or sales journey
  • Provides meaningful analytics to understand
    • Did the video get watched
    • Did the video motivate the desired “actions” – at the conversion we need to receive a return on investment
    • What did I learn that will make my next video even better
      • At being found
      • At being watched
      • At being actioned

Many associations do their own video, even though they have limited association resources.  But not many really complete the entire picture.  Maybe it's time to see how video was meant to be done.  Where video becomes a strategic asset to reach your association goals rather than a half baked initiative that is done because everyone else is doing it.

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