We don't have the association resources to do video...

We talk to many association clients that suggest to us that they do not have the resources or the budget to do video.  Instead of hanging up the phone, we actually get excited about the prospect of creating strategic video with little or no resources.

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The key point to all of this is understanding that the team at WorkerBee.TV can help even a one person communications department to create meaningful video that will enhance member value, or help to reach bigger assoication goals like increasing revenue.  The experts at WorkerBee.TV include account managers that help you to plan your strategy.  Then writers and editors help you to build the video.  Finally, the Association TV platform allows you to stream the content effortlessly and creates measurement and conversion opportunities.  

But this all costs money right?

Yes, and we don't work for free.  The key here is that your audience is worth a lot of business to potential sponsors that have your members as their target profile.  WorkerBee.TV will even help you to develop a sponsorship package, or we may even approach sponsors for you!

That's how we produce video for you that doesn't eat up resources.  Why not see for yourself by attending the webinar on "How to Use Video Strategically to Reach Association Goals" on March 15.  It will be the best 58 minutes that you spend this year. 

Association TV is part of WorkerBee.TV


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