Want Better Conference Attendance? It's All About Education

92% of responses to an association member survey suggests that education is the number 1 reason why they would attend a conference. Are you doing all you can to ensure that your education sessions are matching your member's expectations?

What is even more impressive is that the education theme spans across all generations - from boomers to millennials. Every age segment wants education at a conference. Quality education needs to be a driving factor for event planners to ensure conference success. How do you expand your educational sessions to meet the demand? Can you parlay this need into a bigger membership play?

You bet you can.


Here are 3 difference makers that your association can consider to make your educational content sing while engaging members and prospects.

1.Your Sponsors Are Educators. Your sponsors are experts at what they do. They are sponsoring your conference because they have something to offer your members. Their story is worth being told. Give your sponsors a chance to be on the docket for your education sessions. You will be pleasantly surprised about what they can offer your members.

2. Video Your Sessions. This allows you to create content from your sessions that you can use post-conference as strategic posts for both members that attended and those who didn't. Combine the session video with interviews with the presenter to create real insights that will benefit your members beyond the in-person session. Create an expert series from video sessions that you drip to your members and followers on your website every month or two. 

3. Use Your Video to Promote Your Next Conference. Create promotional video that you can post on your website and distribute through email and social media that showcases the excitement and depth of your educational sessions from your last conference. Combine past video with upcoming speakers and topics and you have compelling content that will generate excitement for your upcoming event.

Association TV® can help you to figure all this out. From planning, to video, to production, distribution and measurement, the Association TV® team is here to help. Why not get a complimentary demo on how we have helped your peers to increase conference attendance and member engagement.

Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV



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