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Video to Grow Sponsorship?  Read On...

Use Video strategically to grow sponsorship

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Feb 20, 2017 9:27:58 AM

One aspect of using video strategically is to create revenue by using video as a conduit. Like you, sponsors are looking for ways to create content that will attract their target audience. They like video because they know that 90% of their audience (like yours) is made up of visual learners. Their challenge is to create the video content, and then find a way to get that content in front of their audience. 

Many associations are using AssociationTV® to create video that sponsors will pay for.  This in turn allows you to generate revenue for other association priorities.

sponsorship video.jpg

Let's say that your membership would benefit from a video series on understanding the legalities of Human Resources. You could pitch the idea to a legal firm that specializes in that area, that may also have an interest in your membership as prospects. The legal firm pays for the series as part of their sponsorship. AssociationTV® creates ROI for the sponsor by placing the video on the AssociationTV® platform that surrounds the video series. Calls to action, in and/or next to the videos drive traffic to the sponsor site, converting your membership into leads for your sponsor. In addition, the  video series is placed on the sponsor's site using the AssociationTV® video player, allowing the sponsor to offer great content to other target audiences.  

It's a win, win.  

To see more real examples of how video is being leveraged to reach association goals click on the button below:


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