Video a Conference, Content for a Year...

Content for a year may not be 100% accurate, but think about all the opportunities for video content creation when you are putting on a conference or trade show for your association.  

The obvious video opportunities come with filming your educational sessions or keynote presentations.  But the video content doesnt stop there...

Video you conference.jpg

Think about these other nuggets that will help you build you content for later distribution;

1. Interviews of Session Presenters. Often times there is an opportunity to interview presenters.  By asking thoughtful, probing questions, you may be able to build content that can create real association member value.  Sound bites from Interviews can be combined to present different perspectives on topics as well as promote future conferences.  You may even be able to construct an interview series as a bonus content piece for member education.  

2.  Interview Attendees.  There is power in peers.  By interviewing attendees to your conference, you will be in a position to obtain their perspectives as to value of attending.  You may even be able to do a member spotlight series from these interviews which would help with member retention and recruitment.

3. Interview Vendors.  Here is revenue that many associations are not realizing.  By interviewing vendors, you can create content of industry best practices and options for your membership. This, in turn, will create  a sponsorship opportunity for a vendor to own that category of product or service that would be promoted to your membership. You can further enhance the sponsorship value to the vendor by creating a "licensing" approach whereby they could have the video play on their corporate site,  and tagged as "as seen on ABC's AssociationTV".

As you can seem there are many content opportunities that can be harvested by planning your conference video production.  The key is to act on all the video that you are producing to create member and association value.

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