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Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+ and other competitors, know that consumers have innumerable options when it comes to content.  They also have learned that if some of their content is EXCLUSIVE and can’t be found anywhere else, it demonstrates their value to win and retain subscribers. 

That’s why Netflix spent $15 billion dollars on original content in 2019.
(Here’s a list of some of their most-watched original programming)

Luckily, you don’t need a Netflix budget to get your own line of engaging content that is unique and EXCLUSIVE  to your association.

Video Platforms-1

You can leverage your greatest content asset– your members.

Your members are a passionate community of experts and peers, with real-life experiences that they are excited to share. And other members will be thrilled to have access to content so personal and tailor-made for them. 

Member-to-member content can include case studies, industry insights, career navigation, best practices, or even just engaging anecdotes; and they can involve any member group– board members, specialty groups, regional representatives volunteers and more.

For example:

  • Board members can deliver high-level insights
  • Specialty-Group/Committee members can offer specialized perspectives micro-learning.
  • Long-time members can talk about their well-established professional history
  • Regional representatives can provide ultra-customized local content. 
  • Recent grads or new members can share fresh perspectives

And, now thanks to technology,  it’s easy for associations of all sizes to produce, cost-effective, and in near-continuous supply. With the right tools in place, you can implement a well-oiled content machine that actively works toward engagement and retention. Turn your association into a Netflix-calibre producer by offering member-to-member content that is exclusive and relevant to your members.  

To learn more about who, when & where, and how to access member sourced content watch our webinar on the topic: “Unlocking Your Exclusive Association Content.”

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