The Good and Bad of Predictable Content

We are toying with a new value statement at Association TV®.  One of the words that we are considering in our soon to be released statement is predictable.  Understanding that predictable can be taken a couple of ways, we wanted to share with you our thoughts on why this is an important word. 

CEO’s of every organization deal with a variety of volatile issues every day. They are used to sudden market changes, HR issues, and other unexpected events that keep them on their toes. CEO’s of associations share those same challenges as well as many unique issues related to the association space.

An association CEO’s prime focus is to keep their association relevant to all stakeholders. This means they are in tune with member retention and growth, partnerships and expanding non-dues revenue.  A key component of all of these areas is content.  The content that is delivered to all stakeholders needs to be engaging, entertaining, educational and most of all relevant. 


The worst thing an association can do is mail in their content. Members are judging the value of your association based on the content that is served up. Associations that deliver less than stellar content are at risk of eroding their membership and partnership base.  If this delivery becomes predictable then the future of the association may not be bright.

But predictable can be a good word for content delivery. Members that are rewarded consistently by your rich, relevant, educational, and entertaining content will come to anticipate and look forward to predictable value each time they consume your content. 

Associations that deliver predictable stellar content value will have a bright future. It’s no surprise that we are speaking to more and more association CEO’s about helping them to create predictable engaging content through video.

In this case, predictable is a good thing.

For more information on how you can make your content predictable and the best it can be, contact us for a complimentary consultation by clicking on the button below.

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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