I was doing some research for a prospect that I will be meeting with.  I specifically reviewed the organization's website and other digital peripherals.   

I couldn't find any video...anywhere

This seemed to be a vibrant, progressive organization. They have a lot of static content on the web, as well as many conferences throughout the year.  In addition, they seem to have many sponsors for their conferences.  

I keep adding it up in my head how much better they could be doing with video as a content leader.


Here are the reasons why you  want to introduce and build video into your content mix:

1. Most people are visual learners - what better way to have a visual than a video?

2. Your audience makes content choices - what would you rather consume... a video or a whitepaper?

3. The open rate on video is 2 - 3 times higher than text

4. A video on a webpage will garner 243% more time spent there.

5.  You may be able to double your sponsorship revenue using video.

There are many more reasons to use video in your association marketing.  Learn more about building sponsorship revenue using video in our upcoming FREE Webinar on June 13 at 3:30 Eastern.   Click on the button below to sign up or learn more:


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