Sponsors Need You to Help them with content marketing

The big buzz word in marketing over the last five years has been "content" marketing.  Your sponsors are really focused on this. The good news is that your association has a solution to help them.

According to the content marketing institute, only 18% of marketers are happy with the tools they have to implement and sustain their content marketing. Clearly marketers are looking for partnerships to help them to push the "easy button" and allow them to distribute and measure  content. That content creates measurable ROI that is developed as part of a partnership with your association. 

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One of the strategies that Association TV® has developed is to create video content that can be used jointly by your association as well as the sponsor who paid for it. The creation of a "Video Expert Series" does just that. 

Let's paint a picture.  Let's say your association members are exposed to a variety of regulatory and industry challenges that are specific to your member's industry.  You know that many of your members have encountered legal issues due to a lack of knowledge of the "rules." You also know that there are members of the legal community that are experts in this field and have a wealth of knowledge that could be accessed to benefit members.  

You approach a chosen few to be part of an expert series that could air monthly using the Association TV® platform on your site. This expert series would educate your members with content that they really want access to. In return, you would place an Association TV® platform on the various sponsor sites, so that they can have a way to distribute the content to their target community as well. 

You have just helped your sponsor to develop rich content, and given them the right tools to be able to leverage that content. You have become the solution to the 72% that are not happy with their tools to distribute content. 

You think your sponsors won't appreciate what you bring to the table. ABSOLUTELY THEY WILL!

The good news is that Association TV® can help you every step of the way. Why not sign up for a sponsorship webinar at 3:00pm Eastern on September 20 that will shed some more light on how you can really deliver sponsorship value. Click on the button below to register. 


Association TV® is part of WorkerBee.TV.  John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV,


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