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Sell Backwards to Maximize Sponsorship

Sell Sponsorships Backwards for Daily Recap conference video to maximize non-dues revenue

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Apr 10, 2017 7:33:58 AM

A great way to increase non-dues revenue for your association is to provide sponsors with more opportunities to purchase properties at your conference.   One way that we have seen tremendous growth in this area is to create a "recap video strategy".   


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.27.32 AM.png

At your next conference or trade show, you will have an opportunity to video content leading up to, at, and post conference.  Each of these recaps has sponsorship dollars written all over it.

We suggest that you develop a strategy to sell backwards, leading off with the sponsorship of the last day's recap of the conference.   This is the most desirable position for a sponsor, as generally the last full day is filled with events that members are interested in knowing about.   From there,  selling the next to last day's recap as a sponsorship opportunity is the next desirable position to take advantage of and so on...

Continue on with this strategy until you are at the opening day of the conference and then pre-conference activity.

By backward selling, you sell the most desirable sponsorship opportunity first, and create demand for other conference days.  This is just another example of being strategic with your association video production.

Strategy Baloons.png

Creating non-dues revenue is key to sustaining and providing quality video content for members.  Learn more about about other tactics to keep your association relevant by downloading a FREE ebook by clicking on the link below.

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