Publishing Content For Members is Only Half the Challenge.

With the start of blogging some 20 years ago, the responsibility for the published word went from a select few to many. Today, everyone is a publisher. What are you doing to ensure your content is being consumed? 

Competition is fierce.

We've talked about this a lot in previous posts. Your members are bombarded everyday with content from different sources. Why would they pay any attention to yours?

Everyone is a publisher.jpg

Long gone are the days when members eagerly awaited your opinions, education, and reporting. Now, your members are quickly scanning headlines to see what is important to them. If they see something that catches their eye, they might look at the first sentence, and if that isn't compelling, they quickly move on. 

Everyone is a publisher.

Society encourages everyone to publish. Social platforms make it easy and addictive for indiviudals to post. Getting a "like" on your post is like getting a quick high for an addict. Organizations need to post regularly to engage their consituents and to get the attention of search engines. Every marketer knows that being on page 2 of Google is not good enough.

Increase your posting odds.

Every post needs to be a work of art. Just being rich, revelant, interesting, educational, funny, or controversial is now just the price of admission. If you have made your content one or more of the above, then you can increase your odds of getting noticed by using video to deliver your message. People want to be entertained. Most people are visual learners. Video on both accounts fits the bill nicely.

Your sponsors are publishers too.

You know your sponsors want to deliver their message to your members. You also know that the competition for sponsorship is getting more intense. If you can help your sponsors publish their message to your members, you will have the edge. By creating content for your sponsors to deliver to your members, you will have the inside track. By using video to deliver the sponsor message to your membership, you will have a sponsor that considers you a strategic partner.  

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