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No, We just hired a Videographer for that...

Video for your association is more than just hiring a videographer. Using video strategically will help you create a profit around your content

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Jun 16, 2017 7:39:58 AM

"I guess I am not a great communicator."  This is an example of a typical response I get when I am sharing the virtues of Association TV® with a prospect.

Or sometimes I hear "no, I just hired a videographer for that." Perhaps you had a great idea for a video, scribbled down some ideas, and phoned a videographer to do some filming. You made a few edits and put the video on YouTube with a thumbnail link to your site. 


So how is that working for you?  Are you able to show how your video has positively impacted your association?  Did your video cost the association? Or did it generate positive revenue?  How many viewers did you lose when they saw it on YouTube and decided the cat dressed up in a doll's dress was a better viewing option?  On your website, were you able to put the video into a search function, or categorize and organize it with other content?  

Probably not.

So... in a nutshell I think Association TV® is a better option. Why?  Because we look at your video needs in one big picture.  We look at each video through the lens of member engagement, association goals and monetization. We will storyboard and write the video.  We will film, produce and edit the video.  We create non-dues revenue for you that supports the rest of your video programming by creating sponsorship, subscription and pay-per-view opportunities.  We show you how to get more sponsors and keep them happy.  We show you how to engage your members.  We give you a video platform that allows you to wrap sponsorship around a video, categorize and organize a video, create measurement and social sharing, create learning through a built in LMS and give you a payment portal so that you can create revenue opportunities easily and effectively.  We keep your audience on your website rather than sending them to YouTube.

We can hire the videographer for you as well..

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV



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