Live Streaming a Triple winner

If you have an event at your next conference that you are thinking is a big opportunity to promote your association, you may want to consider live streaming.

Live streaming may have other great benfits besides being able to broadcast content to association members that are not attending the conference.  Let's take a look at some of the low hanging fruit....

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If you have a sponsor that is used to just sponsoring a live speaker conference segment, there is an opportunity to grow this sponsor into a much larger portfolio using live streaming.   Think about the larger audience that the sponsor can now access.  Also, there may be an even bigger audience by opening up the live stream to potential members as a pay-per-view.   What if you recorded the live stream and made it part of an educational piece for members.  The sponsor can expect even more eyeballs.  

Member Engagement 

It goes without saying that live streaming will engage more members. By engaging members not able to attend your conference, you allow them to be a part of your value proposition and feel good about paying their dues.  In addition, if you open up the live streaming to potential members, you have an opportunity to increase your reach and ultimately increase your membership.


Your live stream is a revenue generator like no other.  Not only can this be packaged for bigger sponsorship, but non-attending members could be charged to attend the session virtually.   Additional pay-per-view revenue can be generated from  potential members and others than will have an interest in the topic.

Once the event is over, it could be repurposed for syndication and used by other like associations in other countries.  

Live streaming has many benefits.  Learn more strategic uses of video by attending a FREE webinar on March 15, presented by WorkerBee.TV president, Dan Stevens.   To register, click on the button below:

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