It's Budget Time For 2019 - Yes You Can Include More Video.

It's getting to that time of year again when budgets are proposed, tweaked, and ultimately approved or cut. If you're thinking you need to keep your video budget to a minimum, think again...

It's interesting when we talk to prospective associations about using more video next year.  Most ask this question; "What is this going to add to the budget?".  We all know that video can be expensive.  

Budget cutting 2

The truth is that video production is expensive, but the video content that you produce for your membership can and should be monetized. Unfortunately, many associations have limited their video budgets because they don't know the value of their videos - especially to their sponsors. 

What if I told you that your video production can actually be on the other side of the budget ledger and actually become a profit center for your association?

It's true.

At Association TV®, we have developed a framework that allows you to create compelling video content, across all departments, that can be funded through sponsorship, subscription, and pay-per-view. It's a model that we've been working on and perfecting for the last ten years. Our association customers that have bought into this framework are doing more video every year.  More importantly, video budgets are now a non-issue.

Before you get to deep into your budget planning, let us share with you our models on how your video programming can be a revenue generator. Remember, your members are expecting you to deliver them rich relevant, exciting and entertaining content and video is their preferred medium. Click on the button below to learn how your association can take advantage of our 10 years of innovation. 

Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is director of marketing for WorkerBee.TV


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