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Is Outsourcing your video strategy accountable?

Should your association outsource it's video production and strategy?

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on Mar 3, 2017 8:47:17 AM

Many associations are hesitant to outsource their video strategy and production because they feel they will lose control.  This argument has some merit, but let's look at the reasons why outsourcing may be more accountable to your organization.


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 First, A specialized firm like WorkerBee.TV with a platform like Association TV has spent years of research to come up with a better mousetrap. They spend time every day to improve the system and look for better ways to produce and distribute strategic video for our assoication clients.  Most in-house departments are a few steps behind cutting edge innovation simply because they are not exposed to the market like WorkerBee.TV.

Second, the Association TV responsive video player allows all departments to manage their own videos and create customized actions for the viewer to engage with.  The system logs measurement of video views and actions, which creates accountability for each video initiative.  The user friendly player makes even a computer novice look like a techno-star with an interface that is extremely easy to use.

Third, WorkerBee.TV will have more than one specialist in each category neccessary to produce video content. They employ multiple videographers, editors, animators, writers, etc.  This means that they can collobarate on difficult projects and keep the content fresh with multiple perspectives.

Maybe it's time to outsource your video production.  WorkerBee.TV is an outsourced option that allows you to push the easy button when you think about video.

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