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Filming Video at Events means content all year long

Use video from events or conferences to fill your content calendar for a year

Dan Stevens Posted by Dan Stevens on Mar 22, 2017 4:15:58 PM

For many associations, their events are the highlight of the year for all.  They generate needed revenue from members, sponsors and exhibitors.  Association events and conferences generate connection between members and the association.  They inspire the future committee members and board members that associations need to continue to grow and maintain relevancy with members.


What if you could extend those benefits ALL YEAR LONG?


What would that do to member satisfaction; association revenues and member engagement to drive future members and future leaders?


Think of your event as an all year long benefit and it makes you see opportunities perhaps missed.  Below are some highlights of thinking this way, and how you can use events to capture video content for all year long programming, at a low cost and high value.



Promotional videos to drive attendance to the event or to a livestream session for those that can’t attend – to increase attendance of both.

Film awards winners for presentation during the event

Create at-event videos to launch your event in style or to launch a new member service

Pre-sell sponsorship for exhibitors, sponsors for:

-        Livestream sessions

-        Conference Recaps

-        Product or Exhibit review videos

-        Interviews for thought leadership episodes


Daily Conference Recaps – demonstrate to all attendees a quick video summary of the highlights, and serve to remind them of the value of attending.  For the association, sharing this on social media and through your e-newsletters shows those who did not attend, what they missed….helps with future attendance and today’s engagement.  They are also a new sponsor and exhibitor revenue opportunity as they can be featured in these daily recaps

Livestreaming – Rockstar topics/speakers that will demonstrate to members who have not attended, the value of attending and an opportunity to “register” non-members for future conversion into membership

Capture content for every departmental need:

-        Membership – Testimonials, Member Services

-        Events – Exhibitor/Attendee testimonials

-        Sponsorship – pre-sold episodes and sponsor servicing

-        Education – capture full educational sessions for video LMS

-        Governance – Board and President interviews

-        Advocacy – Priorities and updates – everyone is here, capture the content.  Perhaps interviewing members on their needs

-        Marketing & Communications – Interviews and b-roll to support the marketing and communications calendars for the following year


With a little planning, one crew can accomplish all of these needs at one event, making your cost per video much lower all year long.  Most importantly, you capture the best content from the right people and experts to ensure your content is going to be of value for your members.


Step 1 is to fulfill any sponsor servicing that was sold for post-event deliverables such as a final conference recap or converting livestreams into on-demand for all year access from your TV channels.

The next step is to produce videos against your content calendar:

-        Specialty videos – testimonials, awards show content, conference recap and next years promotional video. 

-        Edu-tainment episodes – educational content to engage members all year long and keep providing value long after a conference

-        Long form content – producing educational content for an online LMS TV channel for badging or accreditation, from speaker sessions captured at the conference


Done right, all videos above are FUNDED through Sponsorship, Advertising and/or Pay per View. 

The cost to the association could be nil or perhaps even a profit.  By planning in advance and using the 3 metric approach to decision making (member, association, financial), associations can have significant video content, captured efficiently and effectively to use all year long, at either low cost or no cost.

Click on the image below to see how video is used for conference recaps for this association.



And, the best part is that the real upside is measuring the association and member benefits by increasing retention, recruitment, member satisfaction and engagement. 

Remember, when producting video for your association, always refer to our "Strategy Balloons" below to ensure that your video is part of a balanced content model

Strategy Baloons.png

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