Facebook. Let's Be Concerned...

It's becoming more and more evident that the social media giant's end game as a data collector  and an AI manipulator may be just the start of something more sinister.

 It's amazing to think that the average Facebook user spends an hour a day on Facebook and its associated platforms.  If you spent an hour a day with someone, chances are they would get to know you pretty well too.  The Artificial Intelligence that Facebook and other social platforms are using gets stronger with every visit.  Unlike a true friend that you may spend a lot of time with, Facebook will use the intelligence to their benefit. 

Social Media

That's why we need to begin to think of social media as something to be used with extreme caution.  The day is already here where social media is using AI to suggest alternative content to your posts.  They want to direct the user to where advertising revenue may come into play and where they will have a chance to create new groups of users that don't involve your association. 

Our suggestion is to start now with a strategy to use social to promote your proprietary content rather than post the actual content on the social platform.  Associations that we have worked with are enjoying excellent results driving traffic back to their website to keep members within their brand and security when they release content.   It's also interesting to note that when a short promotional video is used on social rather than a static message  the impressions, on average, double. 

Take charge of your content. Put yourself in a position to beat social at its own game.  

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