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Elastic Sponsorship = Elastic Video = Profit

Flexible sponsorship means flexible video production at your conference

John Heppenstall Posted by John Heppenstall on May 16, 2017 9:02:06 AM

We are right in the middle of proposing a video strategy for an association that involves a tiered sponsorship package based on Association TV® filming a conference.   With our flexible model of attracting sponsorship, we can film as many segments as there are sponsorships sold.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.56.26 AM.png

The Association TV® model is so flexible, that we don't need to make a decision on resources until approximately 1 week out from your conference.   

That means you can manage your video production expense based on how much sponsorship you secure, so you are always in a break even, or profitable position. 

This takes all the worry out of trying to guess how much sponsorship you will sell and perhaps over, or under committing on your video inventory. 

Choosing to be strategic about your video, allows you the power to control expenses and be the most efficient with your video production. 

Association TV® is part of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing at WorkerBee.TV





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