Don't Be Fooled By Facebook's Latest Privacy Announcement

This week, social media giant Facebook announced there is a better, more private network on the horizon.  I don't know about you, but I think Facebook would say anything at this point to quell the exodus of users and advertisers to protect their stock price...

Mark Zuckerberg has posted a 3000 word dissertation as to how Facebook will become more private for users.  Soon messages between members will be entirely encrypted, and not even Facebook will know the content of the message.

Sure Mark... whatever you say. 

Zuckerberg, in his post, hinted that Facebook will be turning to services to develop more revenue, rather than rely on the clandestine and somewhat sinister business model of gathering data and serving it up to advertisers and agencies. 

This may seem like a noble move from the king of social media, but it may have far reaching implications for associations that use this platform to post content.  By other services, Zuckerberg is possibly wanting to expand Facebook's fledgling virtual meeting room capability that will offer your competitors a cheap option to gather like minded individuals to share content.  

Hmmm, doesn't that sound like a nice way to lure your members to alternate content?

Facebook Stop

If you're not turned off by the entire Facebook facade by now, this should be the biggest warning sign to your association to stop posting content on Facebook since the red octagon was introduced at intersections. 

There is a better way to use and leverage social media.  Association TV® has been helping 100's of associations to understand how to protect their content on their website and in their brand, while using short posts on social to direct members and prospects to protected content. 

Learn more by clicking on the link below to set up a personalized demonstration.

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