Disrupting Trends Will Affect Your Association

Disruption. It's a word that nobody likes. Yet it's something that affects every aspect of the way we live and the way we do business.

Are you aware of the disrupting trends that are affecting your association?

My guess is that you are going merrily along doing the same things that you always do, and not really paying attention to the big picture. It's sort of like the frog in the pot of water that your bring to a boil... you know the story.


It's time to realize that there are influences that are having a dramatic effect on various areas of your association. Most notably, trends will be disrupting your member recruitment and retention, as well as conference attendance and non-dues revenue. How can that be? Many associations have just come off their best year ever. 

How can things not be getting better?

The fight for relevancy, especially digital relevancy, will begin in earnest for most associations over the next 6 months. Between boomers bowing out, millennials questioning their membership, and sponsors demanding meaningful measurable partnerships, the disruption is about to begin.

You'll need to begin thinking of YouTube and Facebook as competitors. You'll need to think about how to become a contributing publisher for your sponsors as this is their expectation going forward. Most of all, you will need to step up your content game to have a chance to be relevant.

The good news is that Association TV® has been studying these trends for the last couple of years and we have developed a program that can make these disruptive trends work for you.

If you are in the DC area, we have lunch and learns scheduled on the 6th and 7th of December that you should attend if you feel the water is getting a little warm. Click on the buttons below to register or learn more.


If you can't make the lunch and learns, why not schedule a personalized demonstration and we can share with you our findings and suggest a better way forward. 

Association TV® is part of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV


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