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Budgeting for 2020

How Cross-Departmental Planning Can Lead to Free Video

Jen Walichnowski Posted by Jen Walichnowski on Oct 31, 2019 5:29:22 PM

When you begin budgeting for 2020, consider how cross-departmental planning can lead to video programming that is strategic, engaging and cost-effective. With the right (cross-departmental) media plan you can drastically reduce your costs – and create monetization opportunities that result in a net-zero cost.

Keep reading for more information – or CLICK HERE to watch our summary video or access the full Webinar. During the webinar we discussed the evolution of association content and how your strategies need to evolve for today’s audiences.

Traditional Media

Let’s start by looking at the traditional media plan.Traditinal Media

Annual content planning was split by department and medium, with each medium using a different monetization strategy.

For example, the marketing team would be in charge of the magazine, which would be monetized using sponsorships and advertising. At the same time, the education team would be in charge of webinars and training sessions, which may be free to members, or rely on registration fees.

This split strategy worked for some time. Now, however, members are expecting more.

What changed?

Content became digital and easy to publish, which lead to more being produced.

Each department is now publishing and sending more to members. The lack of a centralized content strategy fragments engagement. Inboxes are already cluttered, and members are receiving more notifications than ever. The addition of mobile devices means that members now want to control how and when they consume your content. Members expect visual content they can quickly watch to determine its value.

Video is now the medium of choice for your audience. The issue is, with each department in charge of producing their own separate video content, it becomes expensive.

What can associations do?

There are three steps you can take to update your content strategy:


Step 1: Structure & Plan

Start by removing departmental silos. Instead of each department planning their own content, have them come together and create a unified content strategy.

Now, instead of a magazine/social/newsletter editor, you have a content editor. This person or team creates ownership of the projects and strategy, allowing all departments access to resources and create content that will engage your members.

When the content team is in place, they need to answer two questions:

  • What content can we serve our members better than anyone else? Members joined your association for a reason. Find that reason and you’ll find the content they’re most interested in.
  • Where do we find our best content sources? This may be speakers at events, interviews with experts, research reports, staff & board members, sponsors, or the members themselves.


Step 2: Think Video-First

We’ve already gone through that members are looking for mobile digital content that is easy to consume. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of all other mediums. Instead, use video to generate content in other mediums. 20 Assets

Using this strategy, you can simplify the process of find, consume, and act for your audience.

For example, AWHONN used their social media post to bring the audience to them - check it out.

The social media video direct traffic to their platform where the audience will view a Micro-Learning video. From there, it is simple for the viewer to navigate to the recorded full session, audio recording, or to download the slides from the presentation.

This is five pieces of content from one session recorded at a conference.


Step 3: Maximize Profitability

Create a strategy designed to maximize the 3R’s - retention, recruitment, and revenue for your association.

Retain members by offering them the choice of how they receive their content. Let them decide to watch, read, or listen (maybe all three).

Recruit more effectively by drawing your audience to your platform where it is easier to drive membership.

Create more revenue with fewer production costs (one resource into many assets) and increased sponsorship, advertising, and gating options.


Become a Change Champion for your association. Schedule a Demo to start the conversation today.

Or, fill out the Association TV Online Playbook to develop your own cross-departmental plan!



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