Conversion or Creation? Content is Key.

The number one challenge for progressive associations today is to produce enough content for members to consume.   This is a daunting task for most, as association resources are limited and stretched to the max. How do create meaningful content in the volume required?

Click on the image to see a solution that many associations are using to fill their content calendar.


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At WorkerBee.TV, we are content creation and conversion experts. We help you bring your news, advocacy and education stories to life through video, all on-brand and in a professional manner. 

Need help with filming or video creation?  No problem. We have local videographers in more than 100 cities across North America, whether it be in 1 hour increments, to multi-day events. We will guide you every step of the way, with access to our professional producers, writers, videographers, graphics and video editors, web and video platform experts. 

Association TV® makes it easy to maximize reach, engagement and action of your video content across your newsletters, websites, chapters, social media, and print outreach.

Take advantage of our FREE e-book on the option of outsourcing your video production by clicking on the link below.

Association TV is part of WorkerBee.TV.   

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV


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