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Content Hungry Associations Know To Start With Video

Every Association is challenged to produce and deploy meaningful content to their stakeholders. Smart Associations are starting with video and building out their content from there. A video should allow you to produce at least 4 additional content pieces.

Dan Stevens Posted by Dan Stevens on Oct 23, 2018 1:02:10 PM

The key to every association's success in the future will be their ability to create meaningful content quickly and efficiently for their stakeholders. Starting your content planning with video makes the rest easy.

All marketing department of every association are under the gun when it comes to creating content. Keeping up with the demands of an insatiable membership is almost impossible.

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Unless you start with video.

When you start with video, you can instantly generate at least 4 to 5 additional content pieces without any effort. Think about it. Your video on an educational topic can be re-purposed into a podcast by simply using the audio portion. If you need a written content article for your magazine, you can transcribe the audio and capture some stills from the video and you have that piece of content covered. For Social Media, you can easily make a short 15 second promotional video from the original content. 

What's even more exciting is that your sponsors are looking for content for their audiences as well, and the educational video that you just produced may just be the perfect fit for a sponsor to tie their name to it. 

Smart association marketing departments are delivering a lot of content - and all of it is starting with video.  Let us help you to start the process to great content and great video.  Click on the button below to start a discussion on how we can help.

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