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Be Thankful For Member Comments

Be Thankful for member comments and feedback. The easier you make it for them to give you feedback the more you will receive and be able to act on. Association TV® can give your members the power to give you feedback in real time. Find out if your curriculum is really hitting the mark.

Dan Stevens Posted by Dan Stevens on Nov 21, 2018 8:41:57 AM

We all know that it's sometimes hard to listen to and respond to member comments.  Members are often critical of association value.  To retain and grow members, we need to be in a position to act on feedback - both positive and negative.

Members are your lifeblood.  They are going to get harder to keep, and harder to get more of.  That's why it's important to create process to allow them to give feedback early and often.  You need to let them know that their comments are important and to let them know that they have been heard. 


Recent national poles suggest that the number 1 reason that members join an association is education.  They want that education delivered to them in an entertaining and interesting medium.  They want education that is relevant and specific to them.  

How do you know you're hitting the mark with your education curriculum?

Association TV® understands that many of you have developed some type of feedback loop for your educational content. In our experience, the easier and shorter that you make the feedback experience, the more feedback you will receive.  We have found it very valuable for our association clients when we integrate feedback and “action” buttons around strong video content.  For example:

  1. Allowing for a live twitter feed for engagement during a livestream from an event.
  2. Polling or questions that can be asked during a livestream or even on “on-demand” content so that members can ask questions and get an association response
  3. Using our LMS module, being able to take a quiz or test right after viewing content and seeing their score/results immediately – especially when it involves CE credit or accreditation.

Look for opportunities to create a 2-way communication and feedback program so that you can gauge the level of member engagement from your video, audio and multimedia content.  Back that up with qualitative surveys from time to time to see a complete picture of how your research, education, communications and marketing is impacting your membership.

For non-members, use a subscribe form to engage them, capture them as leads and convert them into members. They too will try you out before they buy.  Engaging and understanding their needs is also important.

Be thankful for members that give you feedback.  Even if it's not positive, at least they have taken the time to offer their input.

Learn more about the Association TV® Learning Management System (LMS) module.  Click on the button below to schedule a complimentary demonstration. 

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