Associations: What's the Ideal Video Length?

At Association TV®, we’re often asked by associations how long their videos should be. The answer is – it depends. It depends on what your objective is with a specific video, and more importantly, at what stage of the learning or conversion cycle is your target audience in.

Place yourself in their shoes and imagine you receive a promotional video  to register for an upcoming program. Even if you have interest, are you really ready to commit to registering on the spot? No, not usually. At best, you’re only willing to decide whether or not this idea is worth looking into. That's why a promotional video in this context does not need to be long and extensively detailed. If your video can get the viewer to say no, or say yes to learning more, it’s done its job. It’s the subsequent content featured in a longer video that you present to the viewer that has the opportunity to communicate more details.  



Do these viewing habits sound familiar? It should. It’s a pattern we all experience leading up to a decision (for example, the purchase of a new car). Our interest level and awareness of the person/organization sharing us content will shape our threshold and appetite for the content being presented. Luckily, associations already have an audience that is warm and receptive to receiving communications… its membership.

In short, pay attention to your viewer's learning journey and understand what their threshold for consuming content is at every stage of their journey. Let that dictate what your content is, and how long it’s communicated for.  Want to learn more?  Sign up for a demo of Association TV® and we can show you how other associations are taking advantage of video content.

At Association TV®, we help associations overcome the ambiguities of serving up video strategically. Ask us how we’ve successfully applied Association TV® to develop content strategies that satisfy member needs, association objectives, and non-dues revenue.

Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

Randell Mauricio is VP of Operations for WorkerBee.TV

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