Associations Using YouTube – AT YOUR OWN RISK

 It’s like the live frog brought to a boil. Associations are not realizing the real danger that grows everyday by placing their videos on YouTube.

YouTube used to be a good idea - right?

Many organizations use YouTube as their default platform for placing videos that their audiences can access. The trouble is that the experience that your viewer has on YouTube is being served up by better and more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). 

Why is this happening?  

In order to grasp why this is happening we have to understand that YouTube is really in the data-collection business - not the video business.  Thanks to AI, YouTube's ability to gather data on viewership is getting better and faster.  When your member watches that video, YouTube is gathering data on your members' preferences.  AI will serve up a variety of similar topics and record what is clicked on next. As the data builds, the AI will soon be able to serve up the next click with a degree of certainty that will be scary.  YouTube doesn’t care about your association. It cares about developing a data profile on your member that it will store away and perhaps sell in the future.


Your association deserves a better fate.  If you had a content platform option that could keep your members on your website, in your brand, and play content served up to your members that is easily accessed, relevant, educational and entertaining, would you be interested? 


Learn more about why the threat from YouTube and other social sites is real.  Get more information on your options by clicking on the button below.


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 John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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