Communication is Key: Where are your members going for information?

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with your members, especially if they are looking for support on current events. You may think that you are already capable of doing this, and you are correct. Communicating out to members through your magazine, newsletter, phone, email, events, and even social media are all great. However, consumption trends have changed, and associations need to be conscious about how all communications are connected, where your members want to consume and what each medium offers your association.

In times where information needs to be relayed quickly and easily, having a central hub where your members can find what they need when they need it is the best option. 

Yes, I’m talking about your website. 

Having association information, content and tools in one central location gives members access when and where they need while simplifying navigation. And then, by using your other communication platforms and multimedia content, you can create awareness and drive members to your website.

Let’s take a step back and look at this from a different angle. Think of a retail hub, like a mall, or - since we’re going digital, Amazon. It’s a place where you can find what you need when you need it with minimal help. Your website should act the same way.

Now, you likely already have a website, the next step is to ensure that all of your content is connected to your hub, keeping your members from straying away. 

If you aren’t already engaging in a multimedia content strategy, then this can be difficult. 

Why multimedia?

Think about how you typically watch, read, or listen to content. Chances are you are now doing it on your mobile device, which has a much smaller screen. Offering content in different formats makes it easier for people to interact with while on-the-go and will help engage a broader audience.

Here are some examples of what formats may work best on a mobile device. 

Reading a magazine article or lengthy blog post can be difficult on a mobile device. The text may appear too small, and the amount of scrolling may turn some readers away. Instead, something short and easy to understand, relying more on visual stimulation, may be preferred, like an infographic.

Videos are another good option for mobile content. They offer visually stimulating content that members can consume in a short period of time. You can even use a series of videos to get members to interact with you on a regular basis. 

And finally, podcasts. The audio recording industry changed forever when Apple came out with the Podcast App. Audio-only allows people to consume while doing other things, like driving or cooking. With the expected revenue of $1 billion by 2021, the audio recordings are clearly here to stay. Producing a podcast for members would capitalize on this growth and provide you with yet another form of content for your members in an easy to consume format. 

In addition to mobile multimedia content, new members want access to free information and the ability to test if your offering is right for them. Check out "Moving Your Association From Analog to Digital" a CEO's guide to rapid change, to learn more about each of these trends and gain insights into communicating with NexGen members. Chapter 3 walks through who the NexGen member is and what they expect from your association.  


Analog-to-Digital Cover
Chapter 3: What your NexGen Members Want 

The generation that has grown up with technology expects more. 

Find out what they are looking for in the latest novel by Dan Stevens, "Moving Your Association From Analog to Digital - Creating Association Prosperity" - click here to get your free copy today.




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